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Residential Solar Bega Valley

Home to Bega Cheese, this town is the economic centre of the entire Bega Valley region – and the perfect candidate for solar!

Australia is a sunburnt country. And owing to its position right in the middle of the Sapphire Coast region – an especially sunny region – Bega is a prime location for domestic solar power.

If you live in Bega or the immediate surrounds, look no further than Pacific Solar for all your domestic solar power needs.

We supply and install high-quality solar power systems which can be scaled for homes of all sizes.

  • Solar panels
  • Battery & storage systems
  • Power Diverters to your Hot Water System
  • Tough racking & mounts
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Solar Panels Bega Valley

Domestic solar systems in Bega

At Pacific Solar, we believe in saving you money.

To that end, we design and install custom solar solutions that provide you exactly how much power you need. Too small, and your solar will barely make a dent in your bill. Too big, and you’ll be left with a higher install bill and excess energy.

Using our connections to a wide range of tier-1 suppliers, we’re able to provide you a “Goldilocks” solution – not too big, not too small, but just right!

Data-based design

It all starts by crunching the numbers.

Looking at your power bill and if need be, your meter, we can uncover exactly how much power you use, what you pay for it, and where it’s being used.

Using this information, we design a system that meets your energy requirements and can be targeted towards the most energy-consuming parts of your home.

Tier-1 suppliers

With more than a decade of experience in solar energy consultation and installation, Pacific Solar has solidified connections with some of Australia and the world’s most reputable and reliable solar panel manufacturers.

These brands create panels built for the long-haul, delivering tangible ROI and superior solar solutions for years on end. Best of all, we’re with you for the long haul, helping you understand exactly how much money you’re saving with domestic solar power.

Why choose Pacific Solar?

Pacific Solar is committed to offering industry-leading customer service coupled with bespoke solar solutions designed to save you money and deliver a real ROI!

One point of contact

We ensure that you have one point of contact for the duration of your system’s life.

From initial consultation, to installation, to reporting, you’ll only ever deal with one person with extensive experience and knowledge in solar.

Ongoing support

We promise a long-term commitment to helping you reap the benefits of solar energy for years to come.

You can rely on us for continued service and support long after installation is complete.

Extensive experience

We’ve been in the business for a decade now, a long time in a young industry like solar.

Before then, we were electrical contractors for almost 20 years – you can trust us to get the job done quickly and safely, helping you reap the benefits of solar sooner!

LG Solar Partner

The reason Pacific Solar chooses LG solar panels is simple: they’re the best in the business.

We’re proud to be an officially-recognised LG Solar Partner – only one of 60 businesses Australia wide to receive that certification. When it comes to solar, we know our stuff!

25 Years in Solar Installation
SolarQuotes Silver Rated Supplier

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