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Why Choose a Domestic Solar System

  • Protect against rising costs in Electricity
  • Achieve an excellent Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Add Value to your home
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
domestic solar installation

Protect against rising costs in Electricity

Electricity prices will rise in the future to cover the increasing costs associated with fossil fuel generation. A domestic solar system is the best way to insulate your home against rising costs in electricity.

Australian State Governments have legislated ‘Feed in Tariffs’ (FiTs) which enable you to sell the power produced by a renewable energy source, such as a solar power system, at a premium to the market rate. These attractive tariffs allow your business to earn money from the solar power you produce. Feed in Tariffs range in price from 5c-10c depending upon which electricity retailer you are with.

Achieve an excellent return on investment (ROI)

Domestic solar investments gain the benefits of:

  • Save money from DAY 1 with a solar system. Use the solar power instead of buying from your retailer.
  • Receiving income from state based “Feed in Tariffs” for excess solar energy exported to the grid
  • Trading Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to obtain a point of sale discount on your solar system

The life of the system is 25 years according to the Australian Taxation Office but realistically the average system is productive for up to 40 years. These benefits have a significant impact on the value of the Return on Investment (ROI) over the 20 year life of your system.

Initial Financial Investment

The real system cost is the system cost after subtracting RECs rebate, commonly received as a point of sale discount on your purchase price.

Payback and Income Periods

Each year the solar system owner receives income from the electricity the system generates thru the state based Feed in Tariffs. A financial payback period of 4-5 years is achievable which leaves 15+ years to earn an income from your system.

Important Definitions

Feed in Tariffs (FiTs)

‘Feed in tariffs’ (FiTs) are a government legislation that obligates the electricity retailers to purchase the excess solar power produced by your system at an agreed rate. Each state’s legislation differs in the amount paid for FITs but all of them make it possible to earn an income from your system.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

RECs make it possible to receive a rebate on the cost of your investment. RECs are created when you install a solar power system and are tradeable on a fluid open market. At the completion of the installation we arrange to sell your RECs, or we can offer savings to your purchase price if you assign the RECs to Pacific Solar.

Design and Installation of a Solar System

Once you have decided to proceed with purchasing a solar system, we require the following information to provide the right design for your home:

  • Annual electricity consumption in kWh – this is clearly indicated on the reverse of your power bill
  • Type of construction of your roof – (eg. Tiles)
  • The direction & pitch your roof is orientated – (eg. North @ 20’ pitch)
  • The condition of your main switchboard & metering setup

We look forward to assisting you in providing a solar installation from concept to completion. ~linking the Sun to the Grid.

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