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Ready to start saving money?

Tough, intelligently designed, and economical
– find out why more and more Aussie homes are
joining the solar revolution.

Find out how we can dramatically reduce your power bills!
Find out how we can dramatically reduce your power bills!

Residential solar systems: the smarter choice for your home

Bring down bills

Unlike grid power, the sun is 100% free. With a home solar system, you’ll be able to affordably power your home and avoid nasty bill shock, even when power prices continue to rise.

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Custom solar solutions

Every home is different. Pacific Solar works with homeowners to provide tailored solar solutions that target your home energy usage.

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Enjoy a greener house

Between our hot water, heating, cooling and devices, everything in your home uses power. Minimise your carbon footprint by choosing a lean, green solar energy machine for your home!

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About Pacific Solar

At Pacific Solar, we believe in one thing: saving you money.

Founded in 1991 as an electrical contracting company and specialising in solar power for the last 10 years, Pacific Solar has helped residents all over South Coast NSW enjoy lower power bills.

Our core principle remains simple: we believe that your hard-earned money should stay where it belongs… in your wallet.

And solar is the key to achieving that!

We work with homeowners in South Coast NSW, including Bega and the entire Sapphire Coast area to:

  • Strategise, design and install home solar systems
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and reporting
  • Guarantee continuing savings and positive ROI

Contact our team today to learn how we can help you enjoy the benefits of solar panels for your home.

Why Pacific Solar?

  • Reduce Energy Bills

  • Proven ROI

  • State-of-the-art Technology

  • Low Maintenance

  • Full Consultative Approach

  • After-sales Support

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25 Years in Solar Installation
SolarQuotes Silver Rated Supplier
  • Experience Commercial Solar Installers
  • LG Authorised Commercial Solar Installers
  • 25 Years in Solar Installation
  • SolarQuotes Silver Rated Supplier

Find out how we can get you a Solar ROI

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