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Government Solar Rebate

Reduce your power bill even further with solar rebates and incentives

Government rebates and incentives are in place to encourage homeowners to bring renewable sources of energy into their homes.

Is your domestic solar PV system:

  • Less than 12 months old?
  • Smaller than 100kW in size?
  • Installed by an approved installer?
  • From an list of approved systems?

If so, you could be seeing a positive return on your solar investment sooner rather than later!

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Small-scale technology certificates

Is your solar PV system less than 12 months old? If so, you can experience a quicker ROI thanks to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

Under the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET), energy providers are required to meet certain commitments to renewable energy. Certificates are how these commitments are measured by the Clean Energy Regulator.

If an energy provider can’t generate enough certificates on their own, they are allowed to purchase certificates from other sources; sources like your household solar panels.

How do I sell my certificates?

Homeowners have two options when it comes to selling STCs.

  1. The STC clearing house
  2. Selling them directly

As part of our domestic solar packages, we take care of all your STC claims. We manage each step of the process, from registering your STCs, to finding a buyer, to negotiating a price.

We work hard to find reputable buyers and help you receive the highest possible return.

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