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Commercial Solar Melbourne

Melbourne businesses: insulate yourself from power rises with commercial solar!

When we first got into the solar business 10 years ago, commercial solar was a bit of an oddity.

Nowadays however, you’ll find that solar isn’t just accessible – it’s also leagues more effective!

Considerable savings are within reach of businesses of all sizes:

  • Solar panels are at their lowest price in years
  • Panels are the most efficient they’ve ever been
  • Solar battery technology is on the horizon
  • Installers and businesses have refined the installation process
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Commercial Solar Installation Melbourne

How commercial solar installation in Melbourne works

Step 1: Get in touch with us

No hard sell, no spam messages, no obligations. We don’t engage in that sort of aggressive marketing. You have a need to save money on power bills, and we have the solution – solar panels. It’s as simple as that.

Give us a ring or reach out to us online using our quote form. Tell us your requirements and one of our solar power specialists will get to work coming up with a solution that fits your unique needs.

Step 2: We do the research

Creating the perfect solar power solution is all about striking the perfect balance between capability, size and of course, price.

That starts with research. Our team take a to-the-minute reading of your electrical meter that tells us exactly how much power you use and how much you pay for it. We combine this with 20 years of weather data to figure out what your Melbourne business needs.

Step 3: We design and install

Once we know what you need, we get to work designing a tailored solar solution that accommodates for your:

  • Requirements
  • Local climate
  • Roof size and shape
  • Budget

Our team hold your hand throughout the process, taking care of paperwork, rebates and incentives. You’ll only ever deal with one person for the duration of our relationship.

Step 4: You enjoy the savings – immediately!

Once your solar panels are installed, all you need to do is watch as your power bills start going down.

It’s only a matter of time until your solar panels start earning their keep. Our team provide you with ongoing reporting that tells you exactly how much money your solar panels are saving you.

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Unleash the power of commercial solar. Request a call from Australia’s leading solar installers.

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