Pubs, hotels and bars, oh my: commercial solar for hospitality

At Pacific Solar, our bread-and-butter is large-scale commercial solar installations for energy-hungry businesses all over Australia like warehouses and factories. However, by no means are these the only businesses we can help! Our mission is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes bring down their power bills and free themselves from having to rely on the grid. And that includes many smaller businesses too. If you ask us, almost all businesses can benefit from commercial solar. In particular, hospitality [...]

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Will your commercial solar installation stand up to the cold?

It’s been cold. The first snows have started dropping in Australia’s alpine regions. Car windshields are iced over. Getting up in the morning feels like it gets harder each day. Yes, winter is well and truly upon us, as those of us who live in Australia’s south-east found out last week - Melbourne in particular broke records, experiencing its coldest day in May in 19 years! We thought now would be the perfect opportunity to answer a timely question that [...]

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Pacific Solar busts 7 common myths about commercial solar power installation

As a relatively new technology, there’s a large amount of misconceptions floating around out there regarding solar power installation. And unfortunately, these myths are stopping many Australian businesses from saving money and increasing their energy independence! Curious about whether or not commercial solar power installation is right for your business? Are these myths and misconceptions stopping you from embarking on the road towards a lower energy bill? If so, read on! Myth 1: solar panels will damage my roof Worried [...]

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Recycling your solar power installation: can it be done? We explain all!

While solar panels may look fragile and delicate, the truth is that they’re highly-engineered pieces of equipment that are designed to withstand even the toughest of conditions. In fact, many have service lives measured in decades. When your panels eventually reach the end of the line however, the question of disposal inevitably comes up. As someone who’s invested in commercial solar installation, the environment likely weighs heavily on your mind. No doubt you’re wondering to yourself whether or not your [...]

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How to plan for solar panel installation when building a new house

Building your dream house takes a lot of energy, and understandably, time. You’ll have to think about contractors, designs, interiors… the list goes on. And in the midst of all that work, it can be easy for other considerations to slip through the cracks - considerations such as making your home into an energy-efficient one! Domestic solar installation from Pacific Solar helps Aussies who call the beautiful South Coast of NSW home all over Australia dramatically reduce power bills - [...]

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Commercial solar system installation for printing facilities

While the printing industry mightn’t be dying like so many pundits are predicting, there’s no denying that the market demand for printing services is in a bit of a decline. As such, businesses that are choosing to stay in the printing industry need to start looking at innovative ways to keep afloat in the face of such circumstances. Fortunately, it isn’t all doom and gloom - there are plenty of exciting and innovative opportunities out there to help you stay [...]

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LG has won another award! Why choose LG commercial solar panels?

After months of consideration and careful planning, you’re ready to take the leap and start saving money (and the environment) with commercial solar panel installation. That just leaves one important question: which solar brand is the best choice for your commercial property or home? We know you only want the very best for your business - especially when huge savings are on the table! With almost two decades in the solar power industry, Pacific Solar has built up partnerships with [...]

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Should your cold storage business think about commercial solar installation?

While commercial solar installation can benefit all sorts of businesses, there are certain businesses that stand to benefit even more. In particular, this includes businesses with: High energy consumption (and high energy bills) 24-hour operations A need for energy independence and redundancy Sound familiar? As the owner of a cold-storage facility, you have to tackle each of these problems on a daily basis. Luckily, commercial solar installation may hold the answer! Unleash the power of commercial solar Want to find [...]

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How to choose the right commercial solar installation team

The pathway towards lower energy bills and increased energy dependence starts with choosing the right team for your commercial solar installation. There’s only one problem: how do you know your solar expert is any good? Choosing the right team is just as important as choosing the right panels and technology. The team you hire to work on your solar panel installation can have a huge impact on: The brands and technology you have access to Installation quality and workmanship Post-installation [...]

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What does commercial solar installation actually mean? We bust the jargon

You’ll often hear commercial solar installation described in highly-technical terms. Your solar installer will talk about kilowatt hours, photovoltaics, meters… the list goes on and on. And unless you have a background in solar yourself, you’re probably not going to understand what they’re saying to you! It’s enough to make your eyes glaze over. To make your decision a tad easier, we’ve broken down and explained some of the most common solar terms. Let’s start with the basics: terms you [...]

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