Should your cold storage business think about commercial solar installation?

While commercial solar installation can benefit all sorts of businesses, there are certain businesses that stand to benefit even more. In particular, this includes businesses with: High energy consumption (and high energy bills) 24-hour operations A need for energy independence and redundancy Sound familiar? As the owner of a cold-storage facility, you have to tackle each of these problems on a daily basis. Luckily, commercial solar installation may hold the answer! Unleash the power of commercial solar Want to find [...]

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How to choose the right commercial solar installation team

The pathway towards lower energy bills and increased energy dependence starts with choosing the right team for your commercial solar installation. There’s only one problem: how do you know your solar expert is any good? Choosing the right team is just as important as choosing the right panels and technology. The team you hire to work on your solar panel installation can have a huge impact on: The brands and technology you have access to Installation quality and workmanship Post-installation [...]

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What does commercial solar installation actually mean? We bust the jargon

You’ll often hear commercial solar installation described in highly-technical terms. Your solar installer will talk about kilowatt hours, photovoltaics, meters… the list goes on and on. And unless you have a background in solar yourself, you’re probably not going to understand what they’re saying to you! It’s enough to make your eyes glaze over. To make your decision a tad easier, we’ve broken down and explained some of the most common solar terms. Let’s start with the basics: terms you [...]

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Think commercial solar installation is a flash in the pan? 4 reasons it’s here to stay

Commercial solar installation: flash in the pan? It’s natural to be wary of any new technology that bursts onto the scene with promises to change the world. Human history is littered with such examples: Segways, Google Glass, Windows Vista… the list goes on. Each one has promised to change the world. And each one either failed, underwhelmed or faded into obscurity. Luckily for you, commercial solar isn’t one of them! We’ll give you four reasons why. 1) Solar panels are [...]

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Why go solar in 2019? Why your business NEEDS commercial solar installation

The parties are over. Holidays have wrapped up. Your team is back and ready for another year. You sit down at your computer, mind racing. Last year was a great year… but with a couple of tweaks, changes and a bit of planning, 2019 could be even better! And if you ask us, solar could be the key. There’s never been a better time to go solar. Commercial solar installation has skyrocketed in recent years, with solar panels popping up [...]

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Electricity costs are rising: why commercial solar is the answer!

While the holidays might be the biggest thing on you mind right now, it isn’t the only thing that’s coming up - so is the end of Q4. And with the end of Q4 comes the quarterly power bill. It’s not just your air conditioning and Christmas decorations that’s driving up your energy bill. Energy prices are on an upwards trend across the board. Whether you’re an energy-hungry business or an ordinary homeowner, this is a concerning pattern. Unfortunately, by [...]

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Your roof and solar: what kind of roofing is most suited for solar panel installation?

Planning plays a considerable role in your solar panel installation project: Shrinks your quarterly power bill Gives you a healthy ROI Decreases your reliance on the grid One crucial part of that planning is making sure that your roof is suitable for solar panel installation. Decided to make the switch to solar? Good for you. It’s one of the best investments you can make, not only for you wallet, but for the environment, too! Wondering how your building, factory, or [...]

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3 ways commercial solar panel installation helps hospitals and healthcare

Take it from us: we’re currently living in what’s essentially the perfect time to go solar. The timing couldn’t be better! On the one hand, energy costs are soaring - at the same time however, demand for solar is booming which is driving prices down. Not to mention, solar panels are getting more efficient by the day. Modern solar PV systems can squeeze out more energy from sunlight than panels from 10 or even five years ago. So it’s no [...]

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3 ways commercial solar panel installation gives your business an edge

There are many ways to obtain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Quality, pricing, speed, service… these are probably the first things you think of. One competitive advantage you should also consider? Commercial solar panel installation! Commercial solar offers genuine, real, and fast ROI - it’s an investment many types of businesses can benefit greatly from. We take a closer look.... 1) Commercial solar panel installation saves money for both you AND your customers We know what you’re thinking - [...]

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What makes warehouses perfect for commercial solar panel installation?

In a time of rising energy prices and environmental awareness, every saving matters. Businesses in all industries can generate positive ROI and reduce their energy bills thanks to commercial solar installation. There’s a catch, however: while every business stands to benefit from commercial solar panels, some are better suited than others. Case in point: warehouses. It’s a no-brainer: warehouse solar installation Commercial solar panel installation saves you money, it’s as simple as that! Solar shouldn’t be thought of as an [...]

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