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Commercial Solar Brisbane

Queensland is called the Sunshine State: so let’s make better use of that sunlight!

It makes perfect sense for Brisbane businesses like yours to use the energy of the sun to power your operations – and bring down your electricity bills!

When it comes to large scale commercial solar projects, it also makes perfect sense to choose Pacific Solar for your commercial solar needs.

Our solar installers in Brisbane offer more than solar panels. We also install…

  • Quality – we source proven solar panels from reputable manufacturers including LG
  • Savings – we can calculate how long it will take for your solar power system to deliver a return on your investment, in some cases, down to the day!
  • Solutions – we design systems that meet your unique requirements
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Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane

Why choose Pacific Solar as your commercial installers in Brisbane?

We install solutions, not just panels

Over the years, we’ve learnt that it’s not enough to slap on a generic solar panel and call it a day. No, expert solar panel installers in Brisbane will also consider your:

  • Energy needs
  • Local climate
  • Roof area
  • Budget

Our solar energy solutions are all about striking the perfect balance between capability, growth potential, and price.

From day one, we’re hard at work designing a unique commercial solar system (including choosing solar panels and solar inverters) that accounts for all of these factors.

We make things easy

Installing your solar panels is just one part of the job. All of the planning and research that leads to installation is the critical foundation that dictates your customised solar plan.

Pacific Solar doesn’t just reduce your electricity costs – we also save you time and effort. Our team is with you every step of the way, from consultation, to installation to ongoing reporting. With Pacific Solar, you’ll enjoy:

  • A single point of contact for our entire relationship
  • Accurate, detailed reporting that tells you exactly what you’re saving

10 years of solar power

We first qualified for our electrician’s license in 1991, and we’ve been in the electrical contracting business since 1998.

2018 marks our 10th year since we decided to specialise in solar. During that time, we received accreditation from the Clean Energy Council, worked as electrical inspectors for the Clean Energy Regulator and worked on many large and impressive solar jobs.

We’ve even successfully installed 772kW systems in as little as 10 weeks. That’s a huge amount of power, and requires a lot of solar panels – a task that can take other companies months to complete.

For quality solar installation in Brisbane, contact Pacific Solar today

To find out more about our commercial solar panel installation process and how we can guarantee you an ROI, please get in touch with our team today. Call us on 1300 944 844 or fill in this form and we will be in touch.

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