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Imagine if your business never received another electricity bill

Commercial solar systems with guaranteed ROI

Find out why you should go solar
Find out why you should go solar

Our Commercial Solar Clients

Commercial Solar Installation Australia

In addition to helping the planet, commercial solar installation provides businesses with a competitive edge.

You’ll generate free power for your solar system’s entire lifecycle, making commercial solar one of the most rewarding investment.

Pacific Solar are experts in the solar industry and have installed a number of commercial solar systems throughout Australia for all types of industries, particularly high-energy companies like printing facilities, cold food storage, and manufacturing warehouses.

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Commercial Solar For Printing Facilities

Printing Facilities

Printing businesses are ideal candidates for solar PV systems. 24-hour printing facilities stand to make considerable savings by going solar.

Commercial Solar For Cold Storage

Cold Food Storage

These 24-hour operations rely on consistent supplies to power large refrigeration systems at all hours of the day and night.

Commercial Solar For Manufacturing Business


This energy-intensive industry is the perfect candidate for solar. Save money on electricity usage and enjoy a tangible ROI with commercial solar from Pacific Solar.

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Our ROI calculators can tell you exactly how much return your commercial solar can earn you!

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Commercial & Residential Projects

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About Pacific Solar

At Pacific Solar, we believe in one thing: saving you money.

We understand the threat that rising energy prices pose for Australian businesses.

Commercial solar power installation is the key to escaping the stress that comes with your business’ high consumption and astronomical power bills.

As Australia’s leading commercial solar installers, Pacific Solar doesn’t just help you save money. Our team treats your commercial solar as what it actually is – an investment in your business’ future, guaranteed to deliver you a positive return.

We work with businesses of all kinds across Australia, with a presence in all state capitals as well as regional areas.

Why Pacific Solar?

  • Proven ROI

  • Accurate ROI Prediction

  • Highest Rated Solar Panels

  • Experienced Solar Installers

  • Interval Data Analysis

  • Maximised Output

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Pacific Solar Service Areas

Unleash the power of solar, wherever you are in Australia. Pacific Solar is proud to extend our leading commercial solar services to businesses all over the country including:

The climate and weather conditions throughout the country vary considerably, as do various state rebates.

For a detailed estimate based on your unique circumstances and location, contact Pacific Solar today on 1300 944 844.

Pacific Solar Service areas

Advantages of Commercial Solar Systems

  • Renewable Energy

Solar energy comes from our largest renewable source: the sun. This means that it does not run out, unlike energy sources like fossil fuels.

  • Sustainable Energy

By not being able to over-consume and over-exploit the source of energy, commercial solar provides a source of sustainable energy.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is clean energy, which presents an advantage in the fight against climate change and helps to protect our environment.

  • Proven ROI

Your solar system is an investment guaranteed to lower your electricity bills and provide you a real and tangible ROI – almost immediately!

  • Government Incentives

To promote, cleaner energy, the Australian Government (as well as State Governments) offer various rebates and incentives, particularly for large-scale commercial solar installations.

  • Low Maintenance

Solar panel maintenance is super low. The high-quality panels we use are incredibly smooth and covered in a protective coating to guard against damage and make it harder for debris to take hold.

  • Improved Corporate Image

Companies that generate their own energy through solar improve their perceived “brand value” by their clients, customers, and peers.

  • Evolving Technology

The solar energy industry is continuously changing. With the current innovation in nanotechnology and quantum physics, the future looks bright for solar power.

The Commercial Solar Installation Process

Commercial Installation Consultation and Quote

Consultation and Quote

Each commercial solar installation project begins with a consultation to determine the best solar system and installation process for your unique business settings.

We will discuss your energy consumption and collect other important information such as your local climate, your roof size, the panels

and other solar components that best suit your requirements, and important situational factors like electrical and structural design. We ensure we comply with all electrical codes and regulations.

We will then prepare a personalised quote for you. This includes all your payment options – including our Power Purchase Agreement – and projects your energy savings.

Commercial Design and Installation

Design and Installation

Our expert engineers will now design a solar energy system based on the dimensions of your business and your energy needs.

The result is a tailored system designed to maximise output and deliver a true ROI!

Before installation, there’s one more critical step:

an on-site inspection by one of our qualified engineers.

Next comes installation. Our team works efficiently to deliver you a system installed to the highest standards – now it’s time to start enjoying savings!

Commercial Installation Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Our work doesn’t stop once installation is complete.

We’re also responsible for ongoing monitoring to ensure your system is delivering you a true ROI.

We provide you with ongoing reporting tools that tell you

exactly how much money your solar panels are saving you.

Solar isn’t a one-off service, and we understand this. That’s why we’re here with you today during installation, and also tomorrow, helping you understand every dollar of your commercial solar investment.

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