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Here at Pacific Solar, we are committed to providing you and your business a system that you can rely on, year-in, year-out.  We are dedicated to using only the highest quality components and are committed to providing ongoing servicing to maintain your solar system. Choose a solar partner you can rely on.  Talk to us today.

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Boost your Green Credentials

More and more people are seeking companies and brands that have ‘green credentials’ Solar is becoming a starting point for many brands & businesses to develop their reputation as environmentally aware. Find out how solar can enhance your business today.

Why Consider Commercial Solar?

1. Your ability to control operating costs
Solar energy gives you the advantage of knowing just how much your energy costs will be year after year which means better planning & budgeting today… and well into the future.  As electricity costs continue to rise, you will save more and more money as the years go by.  Without solar, your business is subject to all future energy cost rises.
2. You can lower or stabilise your energy bill
All premises are different, but if you are paying 15-20cents / kWh or more for your peak energy usage, a solar system tailored to your daytime load will provide a payback time of between 3-5 years.  From then on, the electricity you generate is free.
3. Drastically Reduce your Medium to long-term Operational costs
Solarlink only uses high quality solar panels, with a serviceable life of decades, which translate to a massive reduction in your medium to long term operating costs.  You can also generate revenue by selling the electricity your solar generates to other tenants or to electricity retailers.  Take advantage of Government solar rebates, grants & tax breaks.
4. Enhance your Business / Do your bit for the environment
With environmental issues being at the forefront of customer’s minds, more and more people are seeking companies and brands that have ‘green credentials’. Solar is becoming a starting point for many brands & businesses to develop their reputation as environmentally aware.  Solar energy is a clean & silent alternative that will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Commercial Solar – Four things you need to know

1. Know your Electricity Bill

Many businesses have ‘unbundled’ tariffs in which they’re charged separately for their energy consumption and peak demand. Pacific Solar can help by performing a FREE Energy Assessment of your current usage and present in simple terms how Solar can benefit you.

The first step is to complete the ‘Pacific Solar Authority Form‘ that grants us access to the interval data behind your energy bills so we can analyse the figures and design your solar system to suit your energy profile,

2. Communicate your electricity habits
Solar power produces the quickest payback when its generation is consumed on-site, whenever the sun is shining. At Solarlink, we design systems to specifically fit your consumption patterns that maximise your solar power usage and minimise energy exporting to the grid.
3. Select a Company with commercial experience
Solarlink has been installing solar & electrical installations since 2000, making us one of the longest standing solar businesses. Installing a commercial solar system can be more complex than installing household solar due simply to the consumption of larger loads. Solarlink will perform a detailed structural assessment of your roof, negotiate the grid connection, arrange finance (if required) and custom-design a high performance system.
4. Choose trusted equipment & suppliers
Good quality solar systems should last over 25 years, therefore it is essential to choose a solar partner who can provide global industry leading solar technology with local warranty. We only install equipment from proven suppliers with reputable backgrounds to ensure none of our clients are left without a warranty. Solarlink have over 15 years in the commercial & residential electrical contracting industry so you can rest assured that we will be there to help you should you need us.

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