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Why Us

Why choose Pacific Solar for commercial solar installation?

Solar is a rapidly-growing industry. And when opportunity knocks, so do opportunists.

As with any other aspect of your business, you want to choose only the most experienced and reputable solar companies to partner with.

Pacific Solar has been in the business for 10 years, right before Australia experienced the solar boom in 2010.

Unlike many newer competitors, we can offer:

  • Experience and know-how
  • Long-term commitment
  • Affordable, honest financing options
  • Guaranteed positive ROI
Why Choose Pacific Solar

The Pacific Solar difference

Businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a solar partner. But how do you know yours is any good?

Easy-to-access, secure financing options

To save money, you need to spend money.

We understand commercial solar installation is an investment. That’s why with the help of our financing partners, we’re able to reduce your upfront costs.

Pacific Solar has partnered with Verdia (a subsidiary of Westpac) and other reputable financiers to offer affordable, low-interest financing options that help your business maximise its savings.

You can even enjoy the benefits of solar without paying a single dollar upfront. Click here to find out whether our power purchase agreement is right for you.

A deliverable ROI, right down to the day or week

Of course, one of the main motivators behind businesses getting on-board with commercial solar is the opportunity to enjoy a real, tangible return on your investment.

We can drill down exactly how long it will take to reach an ROI on your solar, often right down to the day!

  • Our expertise lies in our data-driven assessments and proposals
  • This allows us to create a solar solution tailored to your exact needs
  • We use only the highest quality and most trusted solar brands
Find out more about your solar ROI here

Thorough reporting helps you understand every dollar of your solar investment

Solar isn’t a one-off thing. It’s an ongoing commitment, and the best solar companies are the ones that understand this.

Pacific Solar won’t leave you in the dark – we’re here with you today, and we’ll be with you tomorrow. Our team provide ongoing reporting over the entire life of your solar PV system.

Discover how much you could save with our solar power calculators

A decade of experience teamed with a comprehensive consultation and unique system design

We boast 10 years of consultative, design, and installation experience creating effective solar systems for businesses of all sizes. Before that, we operated as licensed electricians – 2018 marks our 20th year in business.

During our time, we’ve proven our worth, earning accreditation from the Clean Energy Regulator and Clean Energy Council.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Find out how we’ve helped businesses all across Australia slash their power bills!

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25 Years in Solar Installation
SolarQuotes Silver Rated Supplier
  • Experience Commercial Solar Installers
  • LG Authorised Commercial Solar Installers
  • 25 Years in Solar Installation
  • SolarQuotes Silver Rated Supplier

Find out how we can get you a Solar ROI

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