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Why Go Solar

Learn how commercial solar gives your business an edge

In addition to helping the planet, commercial solar installation also provides businesses like yours with a competitive edge. A solar PV system from Pacific Solar:

  • Guarantees more financially sustainable operations
  • Reduces energy costs for years to come
  • Allows you to reinvest your monthly savings

Combining proven technology with guaranteed savings, Pacific Solar does more than save you a bit of money. We help you leverage solar power into a competitive advantage.

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Why Commercial Solar Power

Commercial solar systems offer a competitive business advantage

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Positive ROI from the very beginning

Thanks to flexible financing options courtesy of our partners at Verdia and the increasing efficiency of modern solar systems, Pacific Solar is able to guarantee a positive ROI from the minute your system is launched.

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Drastically reduce long-term operating costs

With energy prices climbing and commercial solar installation at record-low prices, there’s never been a better time to go solar.

Additionally, solar PV systems are long-lived, easily lasting several decades. As such, commercial solar offers businesses consistent, stable energy for years to come.

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Marketing leverage

The benefits of solar aren’t purely practical either. With increasing awareness of environmental issues, commercial solar installation can be a powerful marketing tool too!

Commercial solar is a tangible demonstration of your business’ commitment to the planet, one which also benefits your operation’s bottom-line, too.

Pacific Solar – the perfect partnership for commercial solar systems

The bottom line: Pacific Solar’s commercial solar systems help big energy users save money.

We excel at powering high-energy businesses like:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • 24-hour businesses
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Printing operations
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We don’t just work in the capitals either. Offering commercial solar installation for businesses all over the country, we help rural businesses increase their energy independence and take full advantage of Australia’s natural sun.

Operating since 1991 and specialising in solar for the last decade, our team is skilled at designing solar PV systems that perfectly match your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on our status as an authorised LG Solar partner.

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