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Commercial solar consultation

The path to saving money with solar power starts with a thorough, professional consultation

When it comes to commercial solar, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Different businesses have different energy needs, and this needs to be established before we bolt anything down.

Pacific Solar starts with a comprehensive assessment of your solar needs.

Our extensive consultation is the foundation we require to put together a detailed, data-driven proposal that:

  • Provides you exactly as much capacity as you need
  • Allows for growth if needed
  • Fits your budget
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Commercial Solar Installation

What happens during Pacific Solar’s consultation?

Step 1: We determine your business needs

We start with a reading of your electrical meter that assesses your power consumption every 30 seconds.

We then plug this data into specialised software to figure out:

  1. Exactly how much power you currently use
  2. How much your current power bill is

We now have a ton of interval data that helps us create a bespoke solar proposal that will:

  • Meet your business’ unique energy needs
  • Help us understand the idea size for your system
  • Allow us to provide an accurate quote

Step 2: We look at the climate

Once we have the data, the next step is creating a proposal that meets your business’ unique energy requirements. That starts by looking at your local climate.

Solar panels need sun to generate power. The challenge? Different parts of the country have different levels of sunlight throughout the year.

Your local climate directly influences the number of solar panels we recommend for your business: areas with less sunlight generally require larger number of panels than a warmer part of the country.

Using a 20-year archive of weather data, we’re able to determine what type of climate you operate in. Based on that, we can design commercial solar systems that perfectly suit your local weather.

Step 3: We look at your roof size

Solar panels take up space, so the next thing we need to think about is how much space you can set aside for solar panels.

Roof size is an important consideration to think of. It directly influences the number of panels we can install and their size.

We also need to look at sunlight orientation.

Step 4: We select your panels

Once we know your energy usage, local climate, and roof space, we start thinking about the right solar panels most appropriate for your business.

Based on our data about your climate and energy usage, we can select the perfect solar panels for your requirements. We’ll choose panels that are the right capacity and size for your premises.

Pacific Solar uses only the highest quality solar panels, and we are a proud LG Solar Partner.

Outcomes of your solar consultation:

  • We deliver a specific design akin to your needs and facility
  • We create a design that will maximise performance and output
  • We can produce data that shows your projected savings in the first year
  • We’ll tell you how long it will take to pay for itself – in some cases, down to the day!
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