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How it Works

What happens during commercial solar installation?

Commercial solar installation is an exact science. It’s based on hard data, numbers and weeks of research. This way, we’re able to provide commercial solar systems that:

  • Generate exactly as much power as you need
  • Account for your local environment
  • Maximise your savings ensure quick ROI

Pacific Solar uses a comprehensive process. This ensures that when we perform solar installation, we get it right the first time.

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How Commercial Solar Power Works

How commercial solar installation works

Creating effective solar solutions isn’t like getting a new tap installed. It doesn’t just happen overnight – there’s a process that starts weeks before the first tradesmen turn up on-site.

The first step is to contact us – we believe the benefits of solar speak for themselves, so we don’t bombard you with aggressive marketing techniques. We know that when you’re ready, you’ll reach out.

Step 1: We run the numbers on current energy usage

Proper solar solutions focus on striking the perfect balance between capability and price.

Our team take a to-the-minute reading of your electrical meter that tells us exactly how much power you use and how much you pay for it. We’ll even come out for a site inspection to evaluate sunlight conditions and roof area.

Step 2: We design solutions for your unique needs

Now, we design a tailored solar solution. We look at your energy requirements, budget, and 20 years of local weather data to design a system that meets your business’ unique needs.

We work with a range of top brands and specialist suppliers. We’re able to recommend commercial grade solar panels, as well as how many you’ll need and how they should be installed to maximise effectiveness.

Step 3: On-site visit by a qualified engineer

The final step before installation is an on-site inspection. An electrical engineer will visit your commercial site to evaluate the electrical status of your business.

During the inspection, the engineer will evaluate the condition of your roof, as well as whether your current electrical panel is suitable for solar installation.

Step 4: We install your commercial solar system

Our team has extensive experience in commercial solar solutions across Australia.

We work efficiently to get your solar panels installed quickly so you can start enjoying savings sooner rather than later. Then, we flip the switch!

Step 5: You start saving money!

Once your solar panels are installed, all you need to do is sit back and relax as your power bills start going down.

Our team provide you with ongoing reporting tools that tell you exactly how much money your solar panels are saving you.

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