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Commercial Solar Power

It’s simple: solar power will reduce your power bills

Running a business is tough… and rising electricity costs aren’t making things any easier!

Keep your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your wallet – with commercial solar power installation.

The case for commercial solar is undeniable:

  • Less money going out of your business on power bills
  • More money injected into your bottom line

Pacific Solar has the know-how and experience to design and install data-based solar solutions that maximise performance.

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How Pacific Solar helps your business

Commercial Solar Installation 1

Solar saves you money

It’s simple, really.

Don’t think of commercial solar installation as a cost. Instead, think of it more as an investment… one that will start making back its initial set-up cost instantly.

We help you understand exactly how this works: we provide all the data in one simple, easy-to-read report that shows you exactly how much money your solar panels are saving your business.

Commercial Solar Installation 2

We use proven technology

The solar panel of today is a different beast from older panels. Older panels were extremely inefficient, requiring multiple panels for just a little bit of power.

In comparison, today’s modern panels are:

  • Mature and low-maintenance
  • High-quality and durable
  • Significantly more efficient

And most importantly, they’re guaranteed to save you money on your power bill.

Commercial Solar Installation 3

We save you energy… in more ways than one

Pacific Solar knows you have other things on your mind. That’s why we take the hard work out of solar installation.

Our team:

  • Create simple, easy-to-read quotes
  • Design data-based solar systems that perfectly fit your commercial needs
  • Provide follow-up service and support
  • Offer to-the-minute tracking that lets you know exactly how much you’re saving

All of this with a single point of contact – we keep things simple. If only the rest of your business was this easy.

Commercial Solar Installation 4

Pay-as-you-go solar

At Pacific Solar, we understand that the installation cost is one of the biggest things stopping businesses from going solar.

That’s why Pacific Solar offers unique financing options that makes solar power more affordable than ever before:

  • We partner with reputable financiers to offer financial support
  • Low-interest finance ensures positive cash flow from day one
  • Our power purchase agreements mean no up-front payment

The result? You get affordable energy and improve your bottom line without the headache.

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