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Government Solar Rebate

Save even more with the Australian Government’s solar power rebate

Both federal and state governments offer attractive rebates under the Renewable Energy Target for businesses considering commercial solar installation.

With rebates on offer for businesses big and small, businesses stand to lower the costs of commercial solar installation even further.

  • Reach a positive return on your investment sooner
  • Enjoy an additional revenue stream
  • Offset the cost of commercial solar installation

And thanks to LG’s 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll continue to enjoy positive ROI from your commercial solar panels for a very long time!

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Government Solar Rebate For Commercial

What solar rebates and incentives are on offer?

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Small business loans and solar rebates

Is your solar PV system less than 100kW?

If so, you are eligible to benefit from the federal government’s Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) program. Under this scheme, business are eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s).

These certificates can be sold to REC’s Traders to recoup the cost of installation.

To qualify for these certificates, your PV system needs to be:

  • Smaller than 100kW in size
  • Installed by a Clean Energy Council installer
  • From the Clean Energy Council approved list of equipment
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Solar incentives for bigger businesses

For businesses with larger solar PV systems and high energy consumption, Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) are also available.

Like the STC program, these can be resold to recoup the cost of commercial solar installation.

Unlike STCs however, LGC certificates can easily be worth a lot, depending on the size of your commercial solar PV system.

For businesses with large PV systems and high energy usage, this can be a sizeable rebate!

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Feed-in tariffs

What happens if your commercial solar system generates more power than you actually need?

In Australia, feed-in tariffs are in-place or under consideration in every state and territory. If your solar PV system is creating excess energy, you may be reimbursed for feeding your extra power back into the grid.

To check whether your business is eligible for feed-in tariffs, contact your state or territory government. You can also learn more from the Parliament of Australia here.

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Other solar rebates

These are the only solar-specific rebates and incentives available to businesses. Solar PV installation also falls under the umbrella of several more general energy-related rebates.

If you’d like to find out what your business is eligible for, use this tool to learn more about which energy-efficient rebates are available throughout Australia and which ones you may qualify for.

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