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Project Description

Solar case study – Bidfood Richlands (QLD)

Cold storage facilities are energy-hungry operations.

Maintaining a constant temperature in a cold storage facility is a 24/7 job – one that consumes considerable amounts of electricity.

As such, finding ways to reduce energy consumption can have a much larger impact on operating costs than at other businesses.

Bidfood is one of Australia’s largest food distributors, and one that has partnered with Pacific Solar to save energy at multiple sites.

In addition to its facility in Truganina in Victoria, Pacific Solar has also installed commercial solar panels at Bidfood’s cold storage facility in Richlands on the fringes of Brisbane.

With 532 LG 400w NeON2 solar panels powering a 210kW system, Bidfood’s cold storage facility in Brisbane can now enjoy considerable savings on their power bill to the tune of 51% each year.

Site specifics

  • No. of panels: 532 x LG 400w NeON2 solar panels
  • System size: 210kW
  • Inverter: 7 x Fronius ECO 27.0-3 inverters
  • Extras: 1 x 277kVA Network Protection Board

Predicted ROI and savings

  • Predicted ROI: 19.3%
  • Reduction in power bill: 51%
  • System payback period: 5.3 years

Why Bidfood Richlands needs solar power

As part of its ongoing commitment to minimising unnecessary costs, Bidfood’s has contracted Pacific Solar to install solar panels at many of its sites around Australia, including its cold storage facility in Richlands on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Electricity is one of the biggest costs at cold storage facilities, making up a considerable portion of overall operating costs – at this particular location, refrigeration accounts for 41.5% of overall site energy consumption.

With the power of commercial solar installation however, cold storage facilities like Bidfood Brisbane can minimise the amount of money going towards electricity bills.

Over 500 LG 400w NeON2 solar panels allow Bidfood Richlands to reduce their annual power bill by 51% – a considerable saving!

Thanks to an annual ROI of 19.3%, Bidfood will easily be able to pay back the initial cost of installation in just over 5 years.


Why LG solar panels?

In partnership with LG solar, Pacific Solar has provided Bidfood’s cold storage facility in Brisbane with a long-lasting, high-quality means of reducing their annual energy costs.

LG have been internationally recognised as one of the world’s premium solar brands, with panels that are among the most efficient on the market and which come with:

Pacific Solar is an authorised LG Solar Platinum Partner – one of only 12 in Australia.

With the combination of award-winning panels and a solar power team with unrivalled experience and skill, you too can enjoy considerable savings when you call Pacific Solar for commercial solar installation.

Talk to us today to see how Pacific Solar can help your business save money.