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Project Description

Solar case study – Goodall’s Quality Meats (NSW)

It isn’t just large businesses that can benefit from commercial solar installation – so too can small businesses like yours!

Situated in one of NSW’s most idyllic coastal towns, Goodall’s Quality Meats is a staple of the Merimbula community. Owner David Goodalls knows his meats, and he knows his customers.

He also understands that his monthly electricity bill is higher than most other small retail businesses, owing to the need to operate refrigerators, meat smoking machines and several cold rooms 24/7, in addition to operating a retail shop 6 days a week.

With the help of a commercial solar installation from Pacific Solar however, Goodall’s Quality Meats is able to reduce their monthly energy bill and thereby bring down their energy costs.

Site specifics

  • No. of panels: 32 x LG 330w NeON2 solar panels
  • System size: 10.5 kW
  • Inverter: 1 x Fronius Symo 10.0-3 inverter
  • Extras: Flat tin roof (kliplok), Two Storey shop (32 panels facing North)

Predicted ROI & savings

  • Predicted ROI: 32%
  • Reduction in power bill: $5,100/year
  • System payback period: 3.1 years

Goodall’s trusts commercial solar

Less money going towards power bills, more money staying in your wallet. That’s the promise of commercial solar installation – is it any wonder that small businesses like Goodall’s Quality Meats are going solar?

As a small business, Goodall’s knows what it’s like to be put under pressure by how much pressure energy bills put on the bottom line.

By getting commercial solar panels installed on their Merimbula shop, Goodall’s is able to make considerable savings on their operating costs.

With commercial solar, Goodall’s is able to power all energy-hungry cool rooms, meat smoking machines and multiple refrigerators without a dramatic increase in electricity costs.

In 2017, Goodall’s Quality Meats enlisted Pacific Solar to bring power bills down. We installed a 10.5 kW solar system made up of 32 LG 330w NeON 2 panels. Ever since, we’ve helped Goodall’s enjoy a whopping 70% reduction in their energy bill!

With a predicted lifespan of 25 years (a feature that’s unique to LG solar panels), Goodall’s Quality Meats can also enjoy quality solar installation that continues to save them money long into the future!

Trust Pacific Solar for commercial solar power

At Pacific Solar, we don’t compete on price like other solar installers – rather, our unique selling point is our data-driven approach to solar design and installation.

Using powerful data and analytics, we can calculate exactly how much energy you’re currently using. We’ll also tell you exactly how much money you stand to save by going solar, both in the short-term and over the lifespan of your system should you accept our proposal.

Not all solar installers can offer this!

Once your commercial solar system is installed, we’ll offer ongoing reports that tell you how much power your solar panels are generating, proving without a doubt that going solar was the right choice.

Learn how your business can benefit from commercial solar power today.