6 lesser-known benefits of commercial solar installation in Melbourne

Commercial solar installation helps your business save money by slashing your electricity bill - it’s as simple as that. No matter what sort of business you run, that core value is irresistable! However, that isn’t the only reason to go solar with your business. While reducing overheads and protecting the environment are probably the ‘big two” when it comes to reasons to go solar, they aren’t the only ones. The advantages of commercial solar are many, and also include some [...]

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Why businesses of all sizes should consider commercial solar installation

We’re in the middle of a solar boom right now. And with the amount of sun our country receives, it’s little surprise that Australian businesses are leading the charge. According to the Climate Council, almost half of all Australian large businesses are utilising solar in some capacity However, not all businesses are happy about it - especially the small ones. After all, the energy needs of SMEs is vastly different from large multinationals! We get that some small businesses look [...]

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4 reasons your business hasn’t gone solar yet (and why they’re all wrong!)

Commercial solar installation has the potential to completely change your business. You’ll be able to: Dramatically reduce business expenses Enjoy protection against rising energy prices Save money on your power bills Boost your green cred Unfortunately, far too many businesses haven’t made the leap just yet! Despite the many benefits of commercial solar installation in Melbourne, many decision makers are still skeptical. Why is that? And more importantly, what’s the truth of the matter? Is solar fake news stopping you [...]

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Pacific Solar explains the ins and outs of commercial solar efficiency

Commercial solar installation gives you the power to put money back in your pocket. And with the increasing efficiency of solar panels, the amount of money your business stands to save is only increasing! Solar panels are at the most efficient point they’ve ever been at, and that they’re only getting better. But just how efficient are solar panels, anyway? And what can influence your panels' efficiency? While it’s a somewhat dry topic, it’s important that you carefully consider efficiency [...]

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Is your business is suitable for commercial solar installation?

“Is commercial solar installation in Melbourne right for my business?” It’s a question many business owners are starting to as themselves. And if you ask us, the answer is a resounding “yes!” It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in - commercial solar installation has the potential to transform your business for the better. Of course, there are a couple of signs that your business may be extra suitable for solar! Are you fed up with high power bills? If [...]

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What should you look for in your commercial solar installation quote?

While good solar installers and vendors will walk you through the solar jargon and do their best to help make sense of your commercial solar installation quote, not all installers are quite so honest! As a booming industry, there are many dodgy solar installers who don’t know what they’re doing and who are just in it to make a fast buck before demand levels out. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to figure out which vendors aren’t deserving of your hard-earned money [...]

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Thinking of commercial solar? How to take care of your panels

Many are under the impression that solar panels are fragile. Luckily, the opposite is true - solar panels are tough, durable and will continue to save you money and slash your business’ energy bills for decades to come with only minimal maintenance. Of course, minimal maintenance is not the same as no-maintenance! If you’re thinking of commercial solar installation in Melbourne, you’ll also need to think about commercial solar maintenance. Luckily for you, that doesn’t entail much work! How tough [...]

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5 commercial solar installation tips to help avoid dodgy installers

At Pacific Solar, we make it a habit to keep up with all solar-related news. Oftentimes it’s good news, such as a breakthrough in solar technology, a new system that’s about to hit the market or a change in the regulatory environment that favours solar. We aren’t going to lie - we get pretty excited when this happens and start thinking about how we can use this to help our clients cut their energy bills even more. Naturally, we were [...]

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6 things to think of before installing commercial solar in Melbourne

As energy prices continue to soar, more and more businesses in Melbourne (and all over Australia) are turning to commercial solar in order to bring down their electricity bills. Solar is a big investment that has the potential to generate considerable rewards and a positive ROI… assuming it’s done properly, of course! Thinking of commercial solar installation in Melbourne? If so, you’ll want to make the best possible decision regarding your business’ expenses,  And that means thinking about... 1) Pitch [...]

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How many kW’s does your commercial solar installation need?

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: when it comes to commercial solar installation, system design is key. And when it comes to system design, the size and capacity of your system is one of the most important considerations. System size goes beyond the physical area that your solar panels occupy. When our solar team talks about system size, we’re talking about capacity as well as a range of other considerations. Today, our solar installers in Melbourne will [...]

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