Pacific Solar makes commercial solar installation easy – find out how

//Pacific Solar makes commercial solar installation easy – find out how

Pacific Solar makes commercial solar installation easy – find out how

Like the name suggests, the Australian government’s Energy Made Easy website is meant to make it easier for individuals and businesses like yours to make the right calls when it comes to your energy.

Specifically, it allows users to:

  • Compare energy plans
  • Look at different offers
  • Automatically calculate savings

Of course, if you ask us, the site was anything but easy!

Just like how genuine leather is actually the lowest-grade product, the Energy Made Easy site actually made things harder – we wouldn’t be surprised if it actually scared more people away from potentially energy-saving measures like commercial solar installation.

As such, it falls on providers like Pacific Solar to make sure you’re getting the best deal (a responsibility we take seriously).

Luckily, the site’s recently undergone an $8 million upgrade. Now, it actually lives up to its name!

commercial solar installation

What’s new?

Solar feed-in tariffs are now included

As commercial solar specialists, it’s only natural that we’d start with this upgrade!

When it comes to commercial solar installation in Melbourne, one of the biggest draws is solar ROI. Many of our commercial clients have seen annual ROI in the double-digits.

Part of this is thanks to the highly-efficient solar systems that our team chooses for your commercial solar installation – another is feed-in tariffs.

Essentially, any excess energy generated by your solar panels is resold to the electricity grid, giving you another source of revenue and boosting your solar ROI.

And now, Energy Made Easy calculates how much you can earn from feed-in tariffs, allowing you to accurately assess how ROI you can see from going solar.


What information do you need to provide for Energy Made Easy to do its job?

Certainly not 10 different forms of ID, a witnessed statement or your opinions about what really happened to Azaria Chamberlain!

Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration. However, it’s not that far off – before its upgrade, the amount of information you needed to provide just to use Energy made Easy was ridiculous.

The focus of the upgrade is usability. As part of that, users no longer need to manually enter piles of superfluous data. Now it’s as simple as uploading a PDF copy of your most recent energy bill (though more bills = more accuracy).

The system will crunch the numbers and do the rest.

More languages

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably got a good grasp of English.

But what if you know someone who doesn’t? What if said person is getting ripped off on their energy bills?

To help with that, Energy made Easy now supports 33 different languages. Now there’s no language barrier for energy companies to hide behind!

Why you still can’t completely rely on Energy Made Easy

The site’s recent upgrades have gone a long way towards making it actually usable – however, it still isn’t perfect.

If you’re considering commercial solar installation in Melbourne, you can’t rely on Energy made Easy entirely…

It’s geared towards individuals, homeowners and small businesses

Now, this isn’t to say that businesses like yours can’t benefit from using it – however, what it does mean is that you can’t rely 100% on it.

That’s because Energy Made Easy is by-and-large geared towards homeowners and small businesses. The plans it compares as well as the numbers it calculates are based on the assumption that you’re either a homeowner or small businesses.

As a result, they don’t account for some of the unique energy requirements of larger businesses like yours:

  • Higher energy usage
  • Different energy plans
  • Special equipment

Long story short: the needs of large businesses are just too different for Energy Made Easy to work with!

How Pacific Solar makes commercial solar installation easy

Data-first quotes tell you exactly how much you’ll save

So you’re collecting commercial solar quotes for your business. The common thread between all of them? They all focus on offering the lowest price possible.

There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a big decision, after all.

If you ask us however, it’s also the wrong way to go about solar!

Commercial solar is all about the long game. While it will cost money upfront, it will also save you tens of thousands of dollars each year. By focusing purely on the upfront costs, you risk overlooking the more important savings.

Unlike other commercial solar installers in Melbourne (or throughout Australia more broadly), Pacific Solar takes a data-first approach towards quoting.

Instead of trying to offer the lowest possible price, we focus on giving you the numbers. Our quotes tell you exactly:

  • How much you’ll save over the life of your system
  • How long it’ll take to pay it off
  • The exact amount you’ll shave off your energy bill
  • Your solar ROI, both annually and over your system’s life

You won’t have to rely on some third-party website to figure out how much you’re saving – we’ll tell it to you straight-up.

solar ROI

We explain things to you

Giving you the numbers is important, and forms the core of all of our quotes.

Of course, in a field as crammed with jargon as commercial solar installation, it isn’t always enough to just give you the numbers. Many times, we have to go a little bit further.

In addition to giving you the numbers, our team also breaks down all the jargon, helping you understand exactly how much you’re saving by going solar.

Ongoing reporting

When we say the data comes first with us, we mean it!

Our work doesn’t stop once installation is complete – throughout the life of your system, our team generates monthly reports telling you exactly how your system is performing.

You’ll know everything about your:

  • Energy usage
  • Power generation
  • Savings and ROI

Our powerful tools are able to give you a by-the-hour look at your energy usage, as well as how much power your solar panels are generating for you.

Thinking of commercial solar installation in Melbourne?

If so, it’s important that you’re informed.

While third-party apps and websites like Energy Made Easy can help you come to a decision, nothing comes close to talking to a commercial solar installation specialist.

Unlike energy plans available on the market, each commercial solar installation plan is tailored to the site and business. There’s no way for any third-party site or app to give you an accurate idea of how much you’ll be able to save with commercial solar installation. 

If you ask us, the team you choose to plan and carry out your commercial solar installation is one of the biggest, most important decisions you’ll make in your solar journey.

Why make Pacific Solar that team?

Most importantly, we have a proven track record with large businesses like yours, allowing them to enjoy millions in savings and double digit solar ROI each year.

And you can be one of them!

Start saving money today – give our commercial solar team a call on 1300 944 844, or click here to get in touch online.

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