Is your business is suitable for commercial solar installation?

//Is your business is suitable for commercial solar installation?

Is your business is suitable for commercial solar installation?

“Is commercial solar installation in Melbourne right for my business?”

It’s a question many business owners are starting to as themselves. And if you ask us, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in – commercial solar installation has the potential to transform your business for the better.

Of course, there are a couple of signs that your business may be extra suitable for solar!

Commercial solar installation in progress

Are you fed up with high power bills?

If so, solar might be just what you need!

With energy prices trending upwards, power bills are also starting to climb. And that translates to higher overheads, a greater cost of doing business and less of your hard-earned money making its way into your wallet.

Luckily, commercial solar offers a solution.

Commercial solar installation is able to dramatically reduce the amount of energy you consume. By generating your own power, you’ll reduce your reliance on the grid – and that means less money flowing out of your wallet.

Just take a look through our portfolio – we’ve been able to reduce power bills by a whopping 51% in some cases!

Honestly, what sort of business owner wouldn’t be attracted by those sorts of numbers?

Do you use a lot of power?

Does your business have high energy requirements? Do you operate several lines of high-powered machinery? Do you run a 24-hour operation that uses electricity throughout the night?

These businesses are the perfect candidates for commercial solar installation in Melbourne.

Whether it’s production equipment or long hours, your business uses a lot of power.

That describes many of our clients before they engaged our commercial solar experts. We’re talking about cold storage centres, large factories and 24-hour operations – all businesses that use a lot of energy.

Pacific Solar carefully analyses your energy consumption as well as peak energy usage to determine what design is suitable in your roofing.

Using this information, we’ll design you a system that:

  • Includes an appropriate number of panels
  • Uses the most effective inverters and systems
  • Offers the best ROI

So choose a team of solar experts that can provide you with an in-depth system design tailored to your business site and requirements.

Do you need a 5kW or 25kW? Then here’s how you can determine the size of your commercial solar.

Commercial solar installation warehouse Melbourne

Solar PV on Industrial Roof with Facilities

Are your roof and building right for solar panels?

Finally, we come to the blood and guts of the question – can your property even support solar?

Commercial solar installation requires a lot of roof space, as well as direct sunlight (although not mandatory, direct sun is most effective).

If your roof isn’t large enough to mount enough solar panels to make a good ROI, or is shaded by tall trees, solar may not be the best solution.

Another consideration is how strong your roof and structure are. Can they support the added weight of solar panels and mounting brackets?

Make sure that your building structure and roofing are strong enough to support your solar panels so it can be safely installed. During our initial meeting, we’ll inspect your roof structure and consult with structural engineers.

This ensures that your commercial property and can take add the weight of the solar panels without risking your safety.

What’s more, the Pacific Solar team works exclusively with high-efficiency panels from leading brands. This allows us to deliver the same energy-savings with fewer panels, reducing the load on your roof.

Do you plan on occupying the same space in the future?

In our experience, even the largest commercial solar installations tend to start making a positive return after a handful of short years. After that, it’s nothing but savings for the rest of your system’s life.

Of course, if you move out of the property, you aren’t going to be the one enjoying those savings – you can’t exactly take your solar panels with you, after all!

If there’s a high chance of upgrading to a larger property in the near future, we recommend delaying commercial solar installation until your property situation is a bit more permanent.

And if you lease your property, the decision is ultimately out of your hands anyway!

Leasing your commercial property? Solar installation may still be worthwhile – Pacific Solar offers a range of options for business owners who have long-term leases on their properties.

Call our team to learn more about your options!

What happens now?

Contact Pacific Solar for commercial solar installation in Melbourne

If you’ve answered “yes” to each of these points, commercial solar installation might be just what your business needs.

Now comes the next step: finding a team that specialises in commercial solar installation in Melbourne.

Commercial solar is an entirely different ballgame from residential solar, and requires a team that specialises in it.

Luckily, you’ve got Pacific Solar.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them dramatically cut down their energy consumption using powerful and efficient systems from leading solar brands.

And our involvement doesn’t end once installation is complete – we provide ongoing reporting for commercial clients that tells you exactly how much you’re saving, as well as repair and maintenance services.

Find out how you can better save for your business.

Contact Pacific Solar on 1300 944 844, or click here to find out how we can help you!

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