What makes warehouses perfect for commercial solar panel installation?

//What makes warehouses perfect for commercial solar panel installation?

What makes warehouses perfect for commercial solar panel installation?

In a time of rising energy prices and environmental awareness, every saving matters.

Businesses in all industries can generate positive ROI and reduce their energy bills thanks to commercial solar installation.

There’s a catch, however: while every business stands to benefit from commercial solar panels, some are better suited than others.

Case in point: warehouses.

Commercial solar for warehouses

It’s a no-brainer: warehouse solar installation

Commercial solar panel installation saves you money, it’s as simple as that!

Solar shouldn’t be thought of as an expense. Instead, think of it as an investment.

While the installation entails an up-front investment, your commercial solar immediately starts earning its keep!

When we evaluate the appropriateness of your property for commercial solar installation, there are a couple of factors we look at:

  • Roof area
  • Sunlight orientation
  • Weather data
  • Power requirements

Luckily for you, warehouses score perfectly across each of these areas, making them the ideal customer for commercial solar installation.

Warehouses have massive roof surfaces

Roof area is arguably one of the most important factors in large, commercial solar designs.

When it comes to solar, bigger is better. More roof equals more space for solar panels, which in turn means higher output, more energy, and most importantly, more savings for your business!

And when it comes to roof area, warehouses blow most other properties out of the water.

The average warehouse in Victoria comes in at close to 20,000 square metres. That’s a lot of potential space for solar!

It’s not just roof area either. Generally-speaking, warehouse roofing tends to be flatter, with less aggressive pitch.

This means solar installers can be more flexible with how your panels are mounted, allowing them to effectively capture the sun.

A solar PV panel mounted at a steep angle or on a steep roof may miss out on morning or afternoon sunlight; a flat warehouse roof on the other hand ensures your panels receive more sunlight for more of the day.

Commercial solar power

Warehouses get more sun

By no means is this a hard-and-fast rule. But in our experience, it tends to hold true: think about the last time you saw trees covering a warehouse in shade.

Industrial areas and warehouse districts aren’t exactly designed with aesthetics in mind, so it’s not surprising to learn that tree coverage isn’t very high on designers’ and architects’ minds.

While solar panels can convert ambient light into energy, they’re much more effective when receiving direct sunlight.

Commercial solar experts prefer avoiding shaded sections of roof when designing solar PV systems.

Thankfully, that’s not much of a concern for warehouse solar installation!


Power requirements

While every business stands to benefit from commercial solar installation, there are some that may benefit more than others or experience a greater ROI.

While a warehouse might be used to store goods, not all goods can be left out in the open. Certain stock might require specific temperatures, necessitating continuing air conditioning use. Some warehouses are even refrigerated cold storage businesses which use even more power.

Even non-refrigerated warehouses can’t escape energy-usage, with lighting taking up 34% of all energy usage.

With warehouse solar installation, that’s energy you won’t have to pay out for. And in a time of rising energy prices, that’s a saving you can’t afford to ignore!

Commercial solar installation

Choose Pacific Solar for commercial solar panel installation

Keep your money where it should be – in your wallet!

Between reduced power bills, rebates and incentives and feed-in tariffs, your warehousing business stands to make a tidy return on your solar installation.

Want to see how much your business stands to gain from going solar? Use our handy calculators to determine your savings.

Like what you see? Time for the next step: choosing a reputable commercial solar expert.

With more than 10 years of experience, Pacific Solar is your go-to team for commercial solar installation in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia.

Unlike other installers, our business predates the recent boom in solar installation. As LG solar partners, we’re able to provide your warehouse with award-winning commercial solar technology.

Our team provide commercial solar installation across Australia. Give us a call today on 1300 944 844  or click here to request a call and arrange your obligation-free quote.

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