Pacific Solar busts 7 common myths about commercial solar power installation

//Pacific Solar busts 7 common myths about commercial solar power installation

Pacific Solar busts 7 common myths about commercial solar power installation

As a relatively new technology, there’s a large amount of misconceptions floating around out there regarding solar power installation.

And unfortunately, these myths are stopping many Australian businesses from saving money and increasing their energy independence!

Curious about whether or not commercial solar power installation is right for your business?

Are these myths and misconceptions stopping you from embarking on the road towards a lower energy bill?

If so, read on!

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Myth 1: solar panels will damage my roof

Worried that your planned solar power installation will damage your roof?

If so, you needn’t worry – in the vast majority of cases, solar panels are not attached directly to the roof, but via special mounting brackets and rails.

This minimises the amount of drilling your roof is exposed to, preserving it!

Certified solar experts like Pacific Solar start by checking your roof first before installing solar panels. This allows us to evaluate the condition of your roof and select the most appropriate mounting method.

Click here to learn about the different types of roofing material, and which one is most suitable for solar power installation.

Myth 2: solar lowers the value of your premises

Solar panels add value to your property, simple as that – after all, who wouldn’t love the power to trim dollars off their power bill?

So it’s no wonder that properties with solar are so highly sought-after. With power prices on an upwards trend, concern about electricity bills and energy-efficiency are going to become increasingly important

And we haven’t even gotten started on the environmental argument yet!

In fact, solar can actually increase the value of your property thanks to these two qualities – how’s that for attractive?

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Myth 3: DIY solar installation is possible

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to bust this myth right out of the starting gate!

That’s because solar power installation involves working closely with electricity. It involves wiring, as well as connecting inverters and linking the whole system to your home’s electrical circuit.

In short, you’ll need a qualified electrician to do it for you – and not just any old sparkie either, but one that’s fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council!

In addition to performing solar installation, choosing the right solar installer that also provides post-installation service & monitoring.

That includes maintenance, warranty service and even to-the-minute reporting that tells you exactly how much you’re saving!

Myth 4: solar panels require a lot of maintenance

We get it, we do. With their glass casing and (apparently) delicate internal wiring, solar panels can certainly appear like they’re fragile and high-maintenance devices.

Take it from us however: solar panels are much tougher than they initially seem!

At Pacific Solar, we work solely with reputable manufacturers of solar panels. We’re able to provide our clients with solar power systems that require next to no repairs at all – only basic glass cleaning once or twice a year.

Not to mention, this also means your panels can go for years without replacement. For example, LG solar panels come with a 25 year warranty – in many cases, they can last much, much longer than that.

Part of this is because solar panels have very few moving parts – that means far fewer potential points of failure, leading to a long service life.

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Myth 5: solar panels do not make electricity cheaper

Solar power generates a positive return on investment for your home or commercial space that will last for 25 years.

The best thing about solar power is no matter what your business or energy consumption is, a Commercial solar installation reduces your reliance on the grid allowing you to save on your electric bill.

Real solar power savings come in over the life of your solar system as you earn back your initial spend from every megawatt hour of energy you use.

Compute for the amount of savings you can gain and discover the benefits of solar in your business and home.

Myth 6: solar panel installation is costly and not economical

Nowadays, even small business owners and the average homeowner can enjoy the benefits of solar power.

That’s because solar panels are more affordable than ever before.

For this, we can thank increasing demand – as more and more solar panels are produced worldwide, the cost of manufacturing decreases, putting solar power installation within reach for many.

Not to mention, many states offer unique one-off rebates for solar installation on top of the federal rebates:

… all of which make solar not only feasible, but affordable too!

Myth 7: solar panels cannot operate in cloudy areas

If you think that solar panels only work in sunny weather, then you might be thinking it all wrong, plain and simple!

Solar panels need sunlight to generate power – nowhere does it say that this has to be direct sunlight.

Modern solar panels are perfectly capable of generating electricity using ambient and reflected light.

That said, direct sunlight is still more effective. During system design, a solar installation expert like Pacific Solar will plan a system that ensures the maximum amount of direct sunlight hitting your panels at the optimum angle.

We’ll look at panel orientation, angle, and proximity to shading, maximising your panels’ output.

Choose Pacific Solar for solar power installation

So there you have it: the truth about solar installation laid bare. Hopefully, this has swayed you into choosing solar for your home or business.

Now there’s just one more step left: choosing a team for your solar installation!

Pacific Solar can help you unlock the benefits of solar installation. With more than 12 years of solar expertise plus many years before that working as electricians, our team can be trusted to provide you with high-quality domestic and commercial solar power installation.

Not only that, but with our extensive experience, we can also help clear up any other myths and misconceptions you might hold about commercial solar!

Contact Pacific Solar on 1300 944 844 or fill in the form to request for an initial consultation or to request a quote.

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