Will your commercial solar installation stand up to the cold?

//Will your commercial solar installation stand up to the cold?

Will your commercial solar installation stand up to the cold?

It’s been cold. The first snows have started dropping in Australia’s alpine regions. Car windshields are iced over. Getting up in the morning feels like it gets harder each day.

Yes, winter is well and truly upon us, as those of us who live in Australia’s south-east found out last week – Melbourne in particular broke records, experiencing its coldest day in May in 19 years!

We thought now would be the perfect opportunity to answer a timely question that tends to pop up each year, around the same time: will commercial solar installation continue to work during winter?

It’s a legitimate concern from first-time solar customers. Not only are the days shorter in winter, but the weather is rougher and of course, we experience less sunlight.

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Do solar panels stop working in cold weather?

Short answer: no.

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity, not heat – therefore, they will not lose efficiency in cold weather.

In fact, the opposite is true – while the cold doesn’t negatively impact your solar panels, heat does! They actually produce better efficiency in cooler temperatures.

And while we’re on the topic of heat, in some cases cold weather helps maintain your solar panels by preventing them from heating up.

What about overcast weather?

It’s true that winter brings rain and overcast days which can negatively impact how much electricity your solar panels generate.

However, that doesn’t render them useless!

While direct sunlight is optimal, solar PV systems don’t need it to power your business.

Solar panels can also generate power using ambient light – even on cloudy, foggy and rainy days, your commercial solar installation will continue generating power for your business.

In particular, your solar panels might convert light that:

  • Penetrates cloud
  • Bounces off other surfaces

As a general rule of thumb, commercial solar panels can generate anywhere between 25% and 45% of their usual output, even on overcast days.

And don’t forget, you can always rely on battery technology to ensure your business continues to receive solar power during the winter!

I’m worried about rain and hail – how will this affect commercial solar?

Commercial solar panels are engineered to be tough and sturdy.

Reputable solar brands know their panels are going to put up with a lot of abuse over their 25+ year lifecycles, and thus build them using materials that will stand the test of time.

The glass and frames that protect the vital solar cells are durable and long-lived – additionally, they’re also waterproof, ensuring that your panels survive countless winters.

In fact, rain can, in a way,  actually help your solar panels!

Many commercial properties can get dusty – in particular, those in rural Australia. When this settles on your solar panels, it can create a thin layer of dirt that physically impedes sunlight from hitting your solar panels.

By washing this layer of dirt off, rain can help your solar panels continue supplying your business with electricity.

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What about snow?

There aren’t many places in Australia that get snow. However, there are a couple – and since we offer nation-wide commercial solar installation, we’ve been contacted to install solar PV systems in these areas too.

As such, we’ve seen first-hand what happens when you install solar panels in regions that are prone to snowfalls.

Luckily most Aussie snowfalls are light and fluffy – nothing like the blizzards our friends on the northern hemisphere deal with.

This type of snow solar panels can easily deal with.

You’ll still have to deal with the problem of snow physically blocking your solar panels, however – luckily, this is as simple as sliding the snow off with a broom.

Finally, snow can improve the performance of commercial solar panels!

In addition to the cold protecting your panels from overheating (see above), commercial solar installation in snowy areas tends to benefit from the albedo effect.

Essentially, snowy surfaces act as tiny mirrors, reflecting light back to your solar panels and increasing the amount of electricity your panels generate – in some cases, by up to 10% more!

Save money during winter with commercial solar installation

We provide high-efficiency, durable solar panels that will go the distance, and which are backed up by unbeatable warranties.

If you follow the news, you’ve no doubt read the report published by the ABC that alleges that the Australian solar market is being flooded with low-quality panels and dodgy installers.

It’s certainly alarming – however, it’s something you won’t have to worry about when you choose Pacific Solar.

Unlike other dodgy installers, Pacific Solar has been in the business for years. And we don’t plan on leaving, either!

Get peace of mind with Pacific Solar

We provide high-efficiency, durable solar panels that will go the distance, and which are backed up by unbeatable warranties.

In fact, Pacific Solar offers LG Solar Panels with a 25-year new product warranty – that’s 15 years longer than the industry standard of 10 years!

We’re also proud LG Solar Platinum Partners – one of only 12 across the entire country!

Since 2007, Pacific Solar has performed commercial solar installation all over Australia – that includes some of the coldest parts of the country.

When you choose Pacific Solar, you can be confident your system will survive this winter… as well as dozens more to come!

Call us today on 1300 944 844 to start experiencing a greater ROI for your commercial property – alternatively, click here to request a call with us.

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