How commercial solar installation helps 24-hour businesses

//How commercial solar installation helps 24-hour businesses

How commercial solar installation helps 24-hour businesses

24-hour businesses (hotels, gyms, hospitals and medical centres, entertainment complexes)

Owing to their extended operating hours, 24-hour businesses consume considerably more power than most other businesses.

Naturally, most 24-hour businesses also have to contend with considerably higher operating costs too – this is what makes them such good candidates for commercial solar installation in our opinion!

Today, Pacific Solar will be going over a couple of the 24-hour businesses we’ve helped over the years, and how they’ve been able to make a considerable dent in their operating costs by harnessing the power of the sun.

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Warehouses and distribution centres

In our experience, commercial solar can put a significant dent in the power bill of any warehouse or factory. And to prove the power of commercial solar for warehouses and distribution centres, we’re going to use an example.

Recently, Pacific Solar was engaged by Bidfood Australia, one of the country’s largest food distribution companies. Bidfood supplies wholesale ingredients, fresh produce and meat to food service and hospitality businesses all over Australia.

This necessitates a large network of 24-hour distribution centres – many of which are energy-intensive cold storage centres.

It should go without saying that refrigeration uses up a lot of energy – according to Canstar Blue, the humble kitchen fridge is one of the three most energy-intensive appliances in the home.

Now just imagine running a large cold storage facility with multiple fridges, freezers and cool rooms – it should go without saying that Bidfood wasn’t very happy with their electricity bills!

To help Bidfood cope with their energy load, Pacific Solar was engaged to perform commercial solar installation at 5 of Bidfood’s locations.

The result? A substantial decrease in power bills – 51% at some locations!

Click here to learn more about how commercial solar helped Bidfood.

Hospitals and medical centres

Hospitals are big facilities. And with size comes more wards, more lights, and more energy-consuming medical equipment, all of which run for 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

All of which adds up to a higher energy bill.

With commercial solar, hospitals can enjoy considerable savings on their power bills.

NSW is already taking the lead, with the NSW Emerging Energy Program installing solar batteries in public sector buildings, including many public hospitals.

According to NSW energy minister Don Harwin, participating hospitals may be able to reduce their power bills by up to $40,000 a year.

Not to mention, when combined with solar battery technology, commercial solar installation also offers hospitals a redundant source of power – without the footprint that comes with installing additional diesel generators.

That’s because are solar batteries considerably more compact than hospital generators. Not to mention, they’re also much quicker to install too.

It isn’t just hospitals either – smaller clinics may also have to worry about their energy consumption. In particular, medical centres such as X-ray and radiology clinics can see spikes in energy usage.

While most of these smaller healthcare facilities may not operate 24/7, power is still an important consideration – one that commercial solar can make considerably easier.

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Gyms and fitness centres

Ellipticals. Treadmills. Exercise bikes. There’s a lot of equipment in a gym, much of which requires electricity – we haven’t even gotten started on the constant air conditioning, either!

24-hour gyms and fitness centres in particular are especially hard-hit by rising electricity bills. Even if only a handful of people turn up after 11pm, you’ll still have to power the:

  • TVs and screens
  • Climate control and air conditioning
  • Lighting

Needless to say, that can add up to a lot of money over time!

Enter, commercial solar installation.

With solar power backing up your gym or fitness centre, you’ll be able to stay open for all the early risers and night owls who frequent your gym or fitness centre… without having to worry about what that’ll mean for your power bill.


Even when guests are asleep, hotels and other accommodation businesses continue to use power. You’ll have to:

  • Keep the lights on
  • Maintain a steady temperature in common areas
  • Power lighting (indoor and outdoor)

And unlike many other businesses, there’s no way to avoid these. You have to keep all of these functions running throughout the night, in case you get a late arrival or a guest can’t sleep and decides to take a walk.

This all adds to your quarterly power bill. By choosing commercial solar however, you can reduce your power bills.

If you want, you can then pass these savings onto your guests, invest it in a kitchen upgrade or simply put it into a rainy day fund – the choice is yours!

Click here to learn more about solar power for hospitality businesses.

Does your 24-hour business need commercial solar installation?

If so, you need Pacific Solar!

At Pacific Solar, our mission is to help 24-hour businesses like yours continue to stay open for 24 hours a day. Over the years, we’ve worked with all sorts of different 24-hour businesses – the ones we’ve listed in this blog are just a handful of them.

As an LG Solar Platinum Partner (one of only 12 in Australia), we provide businesses like yours with efficient, long-lived solar power.

That isn’t the only thing that makes us different, either – unlike other commercial solar installers, you’ll be kept informed at all times about how your solar panels are performing.

Our reporting is what sets us apart from other solar installers. Using in-depth analytics, we’ll provide detailed reports telling you:

  • How much electricity your panels are generating
  • How much your power bill has dropped by
  • How long it will take to earn back the cost of installation

Give the solar experts a call today – call our nationwide number on 1300 944 844, or click here to contact us online.

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