Pubs, hotels and bars, oh my: commercial solar for hospitality

//Pubs, hotels and bars, oh my: commercial solar for hospitality

Pubs, hotels and bars, oh my: commercial solar for hospitality

At Pacific Solar, our bread-and-butter is large-scale commercial solar installations for energy-hungry businesses all over Australia like warehouses and factories.

However, by no means are these the only businesses we can help!

Our mission is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes bring down their power bills and free themselves from having to rely on the grid. And that includes many smaller businesses too.

If you ask us, almost all businesses can benefit from commercial solar. In particular, hospitality businesses like hotels, bars and pubs!

From chain hotels, to country pubs, to backpacker lodges, we’ve helped many a hospitality business put solar on the menu.

How commercial solar help hotels, bars and pubs…

Commercial solar

… save money

Refrigeration, Lighting, air conditioning, water heating… as any hotelier, pub operator or bar owner knows, these are energy-hungry functions.

So it’s no surprise that many in the pubs, bars and hotels are looking for ways to bring down their power consumption!

That can include LED lights, switching to gas water heating, upgrading refrigeration equipment efficiencies… and of course, commercial solar installation.

Commercial solar can help just about any commercial property save money – what makes it so attractive to hospitality businesses specifically?

For starters, hospitality businesses operate long hours – as such, their appliances see continued use throughout the day. Refrigeration & HVAC is a great example, as a constant temperature needs to be maintained regardless of how many guests are staying.

This is even worse for hotels, as unlike bars and pubs, they operate 24-hours a day!

It’s the exact same story with lighting. Depending on the amount of natural light, you may also need to keep the lights on for long hours – in many cases, the lights will be on 24/7.

Needless to say, the result is a high energy bill – luckily, this is something that commercial solar installation can help you with.

Recently, Pacific Solar was contracted by BidFood, one of Australia’s largest food distributors. Our task? To help them save money.

And save money they did! With commercial solar, BidFoods Truganina and Richlands  were able to reduce their power bills by a whopping 42% and 51% respectively!

… enjoy increased energy security

Okay, so we’ve just talked at length about how many hotels, pubs and bars need to keep things like lighting, refrigerators and air conditioning running for long stretches of time.

We know what you’re thinking: what happens if the weather is poor? Or if it’s dark?

Good news: modern solar panels are effective even without direct sunlight – today’s panels are perfectly capable of generating power from ambient light. A pub in Melbourne (Australia’s cloudiest city), won’t have to worry about their solar panels not performing on an overcast day.

When combined with emerging technologies such as solar batteries, hotels, bars and pubs all over Australia will also be able to enjoy a secondary source of power even when night falls!

… create an extra revenue stream

Commercial solar doesn’t just help you save money – it can also help your hotel, pub or bar earn money too!

Under the Renewable Energy Target, the Clean Energy Regulator is offering two schemes which are meant to incentivise the uptake of renewable energy (and more importantly, help you save money):

  • Small-scale technology certificates (STC) – for small-scale commercial solar
  • Large-scale technology certificates (LTC) – for large-scale commercial solar

Certain large entities have clean energy requirements. If they are unable to generate clean energy on their own, they can purchase STCs and LTCs generated by other businesses.

Essentially, if they can’t generate clean energy on their own, they can help other businesses pay back theirs, thereby indirectly meeting their own clean energy requirements while also increasing the amount of clean energy in use – it’s a win-win!

What does this mean for you? Simple: an extra source of revenue!

The money doesn’t stop once you exceed the eligible period, either – each state also offers its own feed-in tariffs.

Say you run a cafe that closes at 2pm, and that you’ve decided against battery storage – what do you do with all that excess power generated by your solar panels?

Why, you pay it forward, of course. When you feed extra power back into the grid, not only are you generating electricity for others to use, but you’ll also be paid for it!

hospitality solar

Commercial solar for hospitality businesses in rural and regional Australia

The country pub is a stable of rural Australian life – what would happen if it were put out of commission by a blackout? Absolute chaos!

Redundancy is especially important when it comes to powering hospitality businesses that are located in a regional or rural part of Australia.

With so much distance between important pieces of electrical infrastructure, there’s a chance that it could take hours for energy providers to locate the source of the issue and fix it, leaving you in the dark – often literally.

Luckily, Pacific Solar operates all over Australia, including regional and rural areas. Thanks to our nationwide reach, we can help regional businesses lighten the load on their wallets without having to worry about being left in the lurch if the power goes out.

Pacific Solar can help you save money

All you need to do is call!

It’s not just factories and warehouses that can benefit from commercial solar installation – so too can hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants… the list goes on and on.

As we all know, the hospitality industry is a highly competitive one. You need every competitive advantage you can get… commercial solar might be just what you need!

With 12 years of experience, Pacific Solar is one of Australia’s leading teams for commercial solar installation.

We’ve partnered up with some of the world’s leading solar brands to help businesses big and small save money on their power bills.

Click here to find out how much you stand to save.

And once you’re done with that, get in touch with Pacific Solar – call us on 1300 944 844, or click here to find out how we can help you!

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