How to choose the right commercial solar installation team

//How to choose the right commercial solar installation team

How to choose the right commercial solar installation team

The pathway towards lower energy bills and increased energy dependence starts with choosing the right team for your commercial solar installation.

There’s only one problem: how do you know your solar expert is any good?

Choosing the right team is just as important as choosing the right panels and technology.

The team you hire to work on your solar panel installation can have a huge impact on:

  • The brands and technology you have access to
  • Installation quality and workmanship
  • Post-installation service and maintenance
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Enquiries and technical assistance

At Pacific Solar, we’ve been in the solar industry for Since 2007. We also have an additional decade as licensed electrical Contractors under our collective belts. Trust us, we know a thing or two about what makes a good solar installer!


1) Look for someone who has vast experience

As a booming industry, solar is experiencing an influx of opportunists, eager to make a quick buck.

This has several consequences, which can severely impact the outcome of your solar installation.

For starters, these new entrants rarely have connections to reputable solar brands. Instead, they might elect to fit your property with cheap, no-name solar PV systems.

Not only is the quality suspect, but in the vast majority of cases very few of these manufacturers offer the type of support or warranty services you’d expect from something as big as commercial solar installation.

Additionally, some of these new entrants may only be planning to stick around as long as the boom lasts. Who knows if they’ll still be here when everything stabilises?

As a result, you may not enjoy ongoing reporting and service after the boom ends (assuming your installer even offers them to begin with!)


2) Check credentials and certifications

Just like any other electrical work, in order to perform residential and commercial solar panel installation you need to undergo a formal accreditation process.

The Clean Energy Council requires would-be installers to complete several training courses that cover a wide variety of topics and skills, including:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Battery storage systems
  • Electrical and asbestos safety
  • System design
  • Repairs to solar apparatus
  • Grid connections

Completing these training units is only the first step. Applicants will also need to hold a current non-restricted electrical license as well as a working at heights certification and at least $20 million public liability insurance.

Only after an additional three months provisional accreditation will full accreditation be awarded.

Needless to say, these certifications should be one of the first things you ask your commercial solar expert about!


3) Choose someone who’s going to stick around

Installation isn’t the end of your relationship with your commercial solar team.

It’s also important that your installer keeps you in the loop.

You mightn’t want to wait for your quarterly bill to find out how much money your business is saving. Alternatively, your accountant might need those numbers right now to budget and make projections.

Pacific Solar is proud to offer post-installation reporting.

Using data captured from your meter, they will put together an easy-to-understand report that tells you how much money your solar panels are saving you.

Doing this will help you stay on track and tell you exactly how long it’ll take to make back your initial investment.


4) Does your commercial solar expert offer a warranty?

Your solar experience doesn’t end once panels are installed. The mark of a good commercial solar provider is their post-installation service.

While solar panels are built tough, they aren’t invincible.

It’s entirely conceivable that your panels may require service in the future – while many manufacturers offer warranties, you still need someone to come over and carry out the repair.

For example, we here at Pacific Solar are an LG Partner, and because of that, we can offer our customers a 25-year product warranty – that’s 15 years longer than the industry standard!


Choose an expert for commercial solar installation anywhere in Australia

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