How to plan for solar panel installation when building a new house

//How to plan for solar panel installation when building a new house

How to plan for solar panel installation when building a new house

Building your dream house takes a lot of energy, and understandably, time. You’ll have to think about contractors, designs, interiors… the list goes on.

And in the midst of all that work, it can be easy for other considerations to slip through the cracks – considerations such as making your home into an energy-efficient one!

Domestic solar installation from Pacific Solar helps Aussies who call the beautiful South Coast of NSW home all over Australia dramatically reduce power bills – if you ask us, it’s the smart choice for many homebuilders.

Are you in the early stages of planning or constructing your new home in the Sapphire Coast or Bega Valley regions? Do you want to take advantage of the numerous benefits of going solar?

While it’s possible to retrofit solar to an existing home, for optimum results, we recommend designing your home from the ground-up with domestic solar installation in mind.

And here’s how you can start…

domestic solar installation

Step #1: does your block of land work with solar?

Making your house “solar ready” takes a consultative approach – it’s not always something you can achieve overnight.

And it starts as early purchasing your block of land.

You might be surprised to learn that the land you will choose will indirectly affect the efficiency of your solar panels.

That’s because the way your block of land is oriented influences the position and angle of your home. And this directly influences how suitable domestic solar installation is for your home.

That’s because most solar panels have a “sweet spot” when it comes to angle and pitch. This is the angle where your panels are able to generate maximum power.

Depending on your block of land, your house may have to be constructed in a way that forces your solar installer to use a less-optimum angle.


Step #2: observe shade and other potential blockages

It should go without saying that blocking and shade greatly affect the functionality of solar panels!

For example, say your block has several large trees. Alternatively, you might be building a single storey home wedged between two double storey houses. You might even be living in the shadow of an apartment block.

Each of these can block direct sunlight from hitting your solar panels – while solar panels are capable of generating power using indirect light, it isn’t as effective.

They don’t even have to block your panels the entire day – partial blockage can also result in less-than-optimal energy generation.

So if you are looking into installing solar panels, make sure that you install them in a spot with minimal blockages that will hinder the sunlight from passing through.

Here are some of the things that you can assess:

  • Are there any large trees that might impair the solar panels?
  • Considering the distance from your neighbours, how far or too close can they be in your house?
  • Are there any buildings or multi-story structure that is being built near your house?
  • Will they affect the location of your solar panels?


Step #3: design your roof with solar panels

Now, let’s be clear: you don’t have to design your roof specifically with solar in mind. In some circumstances however, it can make things easier further down the line!

Let’s start with roof materials. Did you know that certain roof materials – metal in particular – are better suit your planned solar panels?

That’s not all, either.

As we mentioned above, certain angles work better for solar purposes than others. What some homeowners who are really committed to solar do is design their roofs with these angles to start with.

Bear in mind, that’s pretty extreme – in most cases, extra scaffolding and mounts will get the trick done.

Solar panel on the roof of the house and coins in hand. The concept of money saving and clean energy.

Step #4: understand financing and incentives

Before solar power installation, homeowners should also do some research into how solar financing schemes work, as well as what incentives they can enjoy with their newly installed domestic solar system.

For starters, schemes such as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme allow homeowners to start making a return on their domestic solar installation sooner.

It’s also worth looking into feed-in-tariffs. Depending on your energy provider, you may experience different rate.

Struggling with the numbers? Use our handy calculators to get an idea of how much solar you need, and how much ROI you can expect.


Step #5: figure out how much energy you need

This step is important – you don’t want to be left spending more money than you need to!

Choosing the perfect system for your domestic solar installation depends on your energy usage. Only when you know you daily energy usage can you design a system that’s best able to bring down your power bills.

If you don’t have any idea where to start, it is always best to consult with a certified solar power installer like Pacific Solar who can guide you in the process of solar power installation.

The consultation process with a solar power installer determines factors that will help you push through with the installation such as:

  • Assessing your power consumption by taking readings from your meter
  • Determining what times you consume the most power
  • Highlighting particular energy-hungry appliances
  • Choosing the most suitable solar panels for your home


Planning on incorporating solar panels into your building plans?

Tall to Pacific Solar about domestic solar installation in NSW’s South Coast!

Do you want to protect your home against the rising costs of electricity? Then a domestic solar system is perfect for you.

Whether you have an existing house or you are still in the process of building your own home, Pacific Solar is dedicated to helping homeowners in the Bega Valley and Sapphire Coast in this time of rising energy prices.

Pacific Solar is an LG Solar Platinum Partner (one of only 12 in the entire country!), guaranteeing you a quality solar installation, 25-year warranty, and responsive service for your whole household.

Combine that with more than a decade of experience and it’s no wonder we’re one of the most sought-after solar installers around!

Contact Pacific Solar today on 1300 944 844 or fill in the form to learn how you can regain control over your power usage.

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